InfStones is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that specializes in cloud computing and is one of the largest service providers for blockchain cloud management. Our core team is comprised of senior engineers and economic experts from reputable companies such as Google, Oracle, Apple, Intel, and LinkedIn.

Elected as EOS and Tron Super Nodes — A Super Node Host That Also Hosts Over 100 Nodes Worldwide

With our top-notch technology infrastructure and outstanding node management record, InfStones stands out amongst all competition for node management of every public chain’s nodes. Currently, we have over 100 nodes operating smoothly under our maintenance and surveillance.

The nodes InfStones manages for EOS, Tron, VeChain, Ontology, Iotex, Loom, and other DPoS public chains are all supernodes. Additionally, InfStones has mining nodes deployed in well-known PoS public chains including IRISnet, Cosmos, Tezos, Algorant, and IOST.

InfStones is ranked 3rd in the world amongst the best “Digital Asset Staking Providers” chosen by Staking Reward.

A Worldwide Powerhouse for Node Management

In blockchain, reliable nodes are the most critical aspect to ensure a chain’s stability, but creating and maintaining nodes can be both costly and mentally taxing.

This is in part due to the unique features and protocols innate to every blockchain, which then requires specialized and thorough planning for each node constructed. Furthermore, managing nodes requires strong and stable network connections, extraordinary information security protections, and automated surveillance and maintenance to guarantee constant, smooth operation during times of heavy network traffic or when a mining node is being threatened by a cyberattack.

Having self-developed patents to protect key storage, InfStones can ensure redundancy while achieving nodes monitoring and disaster prevention 24/7. InfStones has also partnered with CertiK, one of the world’s most advanced blockchain cybersecurity companies using cutting-edge Formal Verification technology to prove hacker-resistance, to provide the most secure service.

InfPool — the Staking Service Management Platform Powered by Infstones

InfStones released InfPool ( to provide users with the most comprehensive, transparent, and safe platform for PoS revenue management. With the support of InfStones’s complete PoS coverage of every public chains’ nodes, InfPool aids users in increasing revenue by providing a one-stop service for multi-chain revenue management and PoS mining.

InfPool works with the official wallets of every public chain to allow you to access each official wallet at the click of a button to vote or pledge. No deposit is required so no investment capital is compromised. With InfPool, users can easily check their mining profits for every type of coin they possess, their actual rate of return, their 24-hour return, their total return, their historical return report, and other important return information.

InfStones serves a wide range of clients, including high-profile individual clients, institutional investors, foundations, as well as universities and research organizations. It is also the exclusive staking partner of institutions like Circle and Poloniex. InfStones uses proven systems to provide solutions for anything related to blockchain node operation.

From node construction and management to automatic return distribution systems and return management systems for voting customers, InfStones does it all. With market-tested technology and an abundance of business resources, InfStones is determined to become a leading infrastructure provider in the blockchain industry.