It is time to walk you through the voting process. Please follow the following steps to vote for Super Representatives.

1. Visit and click on OPEN WALLET on the top right, then click on CREATE WALLET. If you already have an account, please sign in to your account and skip to step 6.

2. Use a strong password for your wallet then click NEXT.

3. Click DOWNLOAD ENCRYPTED KEY and save the file in a secure location. DO NOT lose this file. Once the file has been saved, click NEXT.

4. Save the private key for your wallet in a secure location. Print it out if necessary. DO NOT lose this key, DO NOT reveal this key to anyone else, and DO NOT share it with anyone else. Once the private key has been saved, click NEXT.

5. Click on GO TO ACCOUNT PAGE button.

6. In your account, please check that you have enough balance of TRX. If you don’t have any, you can transfer your TRX from exchanges using your wallet’s address. Your wallet’s address can be found in your account home page as indicated by the highlighted by the numbered circle 2 in the picture below. TRX itself does not have voting power; you will have to freeze it, thus obtain Tron Power, to vote for SRs.

  • If you already have Tron Power, please click VOTES at the top of the web page, as highlighted by the numbered circle 1, and proceed to step 10.
  • If you would like to freeze more TRX for voting, please proceed to step 9.
  • If this is your first time to freeze TRX, please proceed to step 7 when you have at least 1 TRX in your account.

7. To obtain Tron Power, click FREEZE in the Tron Power section. Tron Power section is the third section from the bottom of your wallet account page.

8. Confirm the amount of TRX you want to lock in the pop-up dialog box and click FREEZE BALANCE. Freeze TRX will lock it for three days, and it will not consume any TRX. You can unfreeze the locked TRX after three days and trade it on exchanges. Click “OK” on the next pop up window to confirm you have successfully frozen your TRX.

9. In the Tron Power section, you now have an option to freeze more TRX or unfreeze TRX tokens that have been locked. To freeze more TRX, click FREEZE and repeat step 8. Once done, you can vote for SRs by clicking “vote for Super Representatives” link.

10. On the voting page, you will see the time until the next round of voting in blue text. Your votes will be counted once the countdown reaches zero, and you can change your votes as many times as you want before that. To vote, click on the CLICK HERE TO START VOTING button.

11. Click the green “+” button of each SR to add votes for those you want to vote. Once you have cast all your votes, click on the green SUBMIT VOTES button to finish voting.

Infinity Stones’ cloud management platform and cyber security services can help secure the TRON network, and we are running for the SR. Please support Infinity Stones, support the future of TRON.

12. You will be notified if your votes are recorded in the system. Please remember, your votes will not come into effect immediately as they are intended for the next round of the election.

About Infinity Stones

Infinity Stones is a Silicon Valley based company, providing cloud management services and security solutions for Blockchains.